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"Well I was in a bind and I really wanted to go buy a car because I had some issues with a vehicle that I did have unfortunately grody automotive salesperson couldn't give me what I can borrow so then he finally got it set up that I can get a loan and then they go out and pick the car so why couldn't he just give me how much I can afford I told him between two and $300 and then come to find out my payment's going to be 517 but I was in a bind and it was late at night so I went ahead and went through with it but then they tell you about their warranty for 2 years but they don't tell you that they're adding that $3,000 on to your contract yeah I don't not sure if I would go back there again but a lot of people go there so I was not happy thank you"
"Friendly, easy to work with and fast, no haggling!!! Justin was and the finance guy oops forgot his name but super easy to deal with 😊"