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G Wagon Girl
"I am sad and disappointed to write this review. I recently purchased a used car from Lithia Toyota of Billings. I first walked into the dealership and stood around for about 10 minutes before someone asked if I needed help. I said yes and they went to "get someone to help you" so I waited an additional 5 minutes more (maybe I didn't look like a serious enough of a customer?). I was introduced to Shane Reid. Shane was very earnest and kind. We took the car out for a test drive and I said I was interested in buying it. I asked about the tires and was told they must be fairly new as they still had little nubs on them. I also asked about the car battery and was told it passed the Lithia multi point inspection, etc etc. I was asked to come back in and sit down so the deal could be written up. I said I didn't have time for that, said what my offer was and was on my way (it was a cash offer). Long story short - I came back in to pay and pick up the car but had to wait an 90 minutes of back and forth with some mysterious person in some mysterious office who would approve or not approve my cash purchase of a this used car. While waiting for a painful amount of time, we realized the tires probably were not up to snuff and had to negotiate a little more. The car was also supposed to be washed and detailed. I took the car to a local tire store and was told the tires were shot, not only that, they are an odd size so more expensive than your typical tire (Lithia was only willing to pay for 2 new tires (on an all wheel drive car) and only paid a generic price (not the price that the special sized tires would actually cost). I did communicate with Lithia but was told I got a good deal and there was nothing else to be done. The tire store told me I was lucky to get the tires replaced when I did. Lithia sent me out on tires that were not safe. The unsafe tires are the most critical but it bares noting the car was not detailed as promised, there were leaves all over in the boot and a sticky substance in the cup holder and a huge chip in the window that was hidden by the wiper blades (which were also shot and needed replaced - you guess it they are unique and had to also be special ordered) Clearly the multi point checklist before a used car can hit the lot is nothing more than a piece of paper - don't trust it. If you purchase a used car here please get a professional to check the battery, tires, windshield, and maybe even the engine. I am especially making this recommendation to women as it seems as though Lithia banks on us not necessarily knowing what to look for. Better yet - go to Merceds Benz and ask for Clay or to Rimrock and ask for Desiree. These two people are 100% legitimate people who will treat you with kindness, respect, and honesty!"
"I had a great experience buying my Mini at this dealership. Jeff was very friendly and knowledgeable. "