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"Great... Totally unexpected. Was looking for an Outlander with the touring package and made an inquiry not realizing KDK Mitsubishi is about 250 miles away from my house. I received a response from Steve in less than 15 minutes. We worked out the entire sale over the phone including appraisal/trade. At that point I realized the dealership was in Ohio and I live in Michigan so I thanked them because there was no way I could take time off from work to pick it up. They said they would get it to me. C brought the car to me at work on a Sunday. Even filled it with gas so the tank was full when I received it. We signed the papers, swapped vehicles and were done in less than 20 minutes. Everything was exactly as they said it would be. No bulls***, no broken promises, no errors, no problems. I will absolutely call them for the next one. "
Sheneaka Pendleton
"The car I purchased needed a new engine and it's taking weeks to get it fixed and I only had the car 2 days. They gave me a loaner and it took a week to get that and on top of that service center is rude "